Pteroglider game released for free

Written by Joe Martin

May 21, 2008 | 09:10

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Companies: #indie

Polish game developer Codeminion has announced that it has released it's DirectX 9 PC arcade schm-up Pteroglider for free after consideration of the games future and, though we'd never heard of Codeminion before, free games are something we never sniff at - even when the developer is the first one to say how bad the game is.

Codeminion has released a short analysis of the game to go hand in hand with the free version of the game, in which they openly admit that the game is badly made and a disappointment from the sales perspective.

Basically the game was a commercial failure.” they say, ”It sold an outstanding number of 32 copies worldwide and simply (from today’s perspective) was a bad game in our opinion.

"The game turned out much too difficult for casual gamers, at least for those who had DirectX 9 installed. In fact it was even too difficult for most hardcore players. Of course we didn’t realize it at first. Pteroglider was very easy for us since we’ve been playing it every day during the whole 3 months of development," continues the analysis.

"This is the only one of our games that was completed on time and on budget...But some things must have gone right. Despite of all the mistakes we made even today we tend to get emails and phone calls from people who want us to resurrect the game. Still after many years the game graphics look good and quite fresh."

If you want to have a look at how not to make a game then you can download the full version of the game here and let us know what you think in the forums.
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