'Quality games' on the way

Written by Glen Chivers

July 14, 2006 | 16:22

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After yesterday's article about Mark Rein discussing the the games industry and its problems, today we bring you more news with exciting prospects of "better games"...

Peter Molyneux, the British gaming legend who has made hit games including Populous, Theme Park, Black & White and The Movies recently sold his company to Microsoft and now he explains why. He wishes to use Microsoft so that he does not have to worry about money, in order to create quality games.

The games industry is growing rapidly, with around $7 billion worth of sales last year and expected to double by 2010. The industry is worth around $13 billion in North America alone, but this is still a long way off the film industry. Molyneux stated that game developers could one day be as famous as film directors and even the game industry has changed dramatically with scripts for games today being a necessity, whilst 10 years ago they were non-existent.

While we hope for better games in the future, Molyneux had this to say about the wisdom of gamers:

"Listen to what they have to say about a game, what they want from a game."

Not exactly genius, but we'd suspect that it's nonetheless correct.

Do you think too many game designers are limited by money to create a quality game or are they just not listening to consumers? Let us know over in the forums.
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