Red Alert 3 announced

Written by Joe Martin

February 13, 2008 | 11:21

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The sequel to (arguably) the best RTS game ever made has just been announced and now all eyes are on EA to make a worthy follow-up to the best of all the Command and Conquer games. Red Alert 3 is officially in development.

Details are thin on the ground - very thin in fact, and the announcement has yet to be truly unveiled, but we know the game is being worked on and that's enough for us.

PC Gamer US has bagged the exclusive announcement apparently and early pictures of the cover show concept art of Tanya in full Soviet get-up.

So, aside from that there really isn't anything to say and we'll have to wait until the magazine is released on March 4th to learn anymore. All this waiting - magazines really drive me up the wall nowadays.

On the plus side, PC Gamer is offering up a chance to win a spot in the Red Alert 3 beta.

I'd love to write some more now but unfortunately Tim and I are about to come to blows on the topic of "Which is better, Command and Conquer or Red Alert 2?" I'm in the latter camp and, because I'm the news writer I can have the last word. Take that, Tim!

So, Red Alert or Command and Conquer? Or are you more of a World in Conflict fanboy? Let us know in the forums.
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