Red vs Blue comes to an end

Written by Joe Martin

June 27, 2007 | 12:08

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The headline kind of says it all, but no pithy single sentence can fully encapsulate our sadness of this unfortunate, but necessary finale.

Produced and created by Rooster Teeth Studios, Red vs Blue charts the hilarious battles of the Red and Blue teams in the Halo universe. The series has become synonymous with machinima over the years and has been responsible for modernising the art form and bringing it to a wider audience of geeks.

The series has continued for over a hundred episodes, but now is set to draw to an inevitable close in the next instalment. Creator Michael Burns has refused to give any details of the finale away, saying only that;

"It's the biggest one we've ever done, but The Sopranos stole our ending, so we had to change it completely"

Fans don't need to worry for long though as, like The Vicar of Dibley, the series will never truly end and will return for occasional specials and seasonal one-offs. The 100th episode merely marks the close of the main storyline - though once Halo 3 is released we'd be very surprised if there isn't a mild resurrection.

Rooster Teeth still have a series of other machinimas on the go though and still host a wide selection of web comics and digs at geek culture, so it isn't as if the company is completely shutting down.

A fan of Red vs Blue, or do you think the whole thing is a pile of rubbish? Will you raise a glass in memory of the series, or will you just let it pass quietly into the long night? Let us know your reactions in our forums.
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