Remedy: Alan Wake is still in development

Written by Joe Martin

August 19, 2008 | 11:42

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Remedy Entertainment has confirmed that it is still working hard on Alan Wake and that the project has not slowed or ceased development despite the lack of recent news.

Speaking on the Remedy Forums, CFO Mika Reini has apologised to fans of the company, which also developed Max Payne, and wants to assure them that the game is still in development.

"We feel we owe you all a small heads-up, and our apologies for lack of updates," said Mika. "We're still here and working hard on getting Alan Wake for you to enjoy."

Alan Wake was first unveiled at E3 2005 and has been thought to be trapped in development hell for a while, with regular delays and release date slips pushing the title back. The game is now expected to release on the PC and Xbox 360 sometime in 2009.

"Sure, we've been in development for a long time and if everything had gone perfectly smoothly there probably would be a game out for you guys to play already. But designing a completely new game can be hard, and sometimes you need to take a detour to find the best route forward.

"We want to entertain you guys in the best possible way and our team is putting in every effort possible in order for that to happen. That is the way Remedy wants to do things. I'm sure you will enjoy Alan Wake when we're done,
" added Mika.

Are you still eagerly awaiting the release of Alan Wake, or has your interest waned to the point of death? Let us know what you think in the forums.
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