Resi Evil 5 producer worried about western devs

Written by Joe Martin

January 5, 2009 | 12:38

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Capcom as a whole may not have a lot to be worried about - especially when they have such a strong line-up for the first half of 2009, with new Street Fighter and Resident Evil games making the rounds - but Resident Evil 5's producer Jun Takeuchi is still concerned about the way that western developers may be approaching Japanese audiences.

Specifically, Takeuchi said that he was "concerned about the movements of western developers on Japan" in a fresh interview with Famitsu magazine.

"I'm worried about the movements of Western developers," said Takeuchi. "Japan is now their target - it's the last big marketplace. The truth is that Western studios are making great games, and they're going to continue to do so next year too."

"It's not good if Japanese developers are making games that can't be enjoyed by Japanese people," he added.

Takeuchi then hinted that Capcom was ready to turn things around however, with a host of unannounced games in development that would appeal to Japanese and western gamers alike.

"I hope that 2009 is a year where developers - not just Capcom, but other makers too - can have big hits that improve the Japanese games industry as a whole."

"2009 will also see Resident Evil 5 finally released, and it'll also then see us on to our next step. We haven't shown what Capcom has in store for 2009 yet, so I hope we can surprise you all soon," finished Takeuchi.

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