Resident Evil 5 to feature online co-op

Written by Joe Martin

May 27, 2008 | 13:39

Tags: #co-op #resi #resident-evil-5

News has come in of a whole load of new and returning features to be included in Resident Evil 5, including a new online co-operative mode which lets players drop in and out of a singleplayer game, being replaced by a computer AI when a human ally is not available.

Games Radar confirmed the features in a recent article, but the information has since disappeared from the site. Fortunately, the news spread before it could be quelled and Eurogamer is hosting all the details.

According to Eurogamer, Resident Evil 5 will star Chris Redfield and a as-yet-unnamed female mercenary sidekick. This sidekick is controlled by a computer AI, but human allies can drop in and out as they please using the online co-op functionality.

The original article also confirmed that the Mercenaries mini-game from Resident Evil 4 would be returning and that the game would also add a new cover system which would allow players to shoot round corners and press themselves against walls. Players will also be able to duck down and dodge bullets.

Resident Evil 5, which is set in an unnamed African country and has been accused of racism because of the presentation of the games trailer, will also have plenty of old characters returning to make an appearance - including Sherry Birkin and Albert Wesker.

The game is current set for release in the first quarter of next year, so until then you'd better head to the forums to share your speculations and anticipation.
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