Resident Evil 5 not set in Africa

Written by Joe Martin

September 21, 2007 | 09:35

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Resident Evil - now there's an interesting series of games. Although the early titles were arguably marred by poor viewpoints and controls which weren't exactly intuitive, the remaining gameplay elements and excellent atmosphere still shone through and bought gamers one of the best and most consistently awesome game series in recent memory.

Hell, even the worst voice acting in the world couldn't stop the first games from being awesome.

Now on it's fifth instalment of the main franchise, Resident Evil has been attacked recently with some critics worried about possible racist undertones in the game's trailer.

Well, according to Kotaku, you can now lay those racist fears to bed, kind of.

You see, while it had originally been assumed from the style of the trailer that Resident Evil 5 would be set in Africa, those assumptions may have been wrong. Kotaku has apparently got a "well-placed insider" who has said that the game is not set in Africa at all, but Haiti. For those who, in my opinion, are foolishly unprepared for the ever-impending threat of zombie apocalypse, please be informed that Haiti is the spiritual home of the Zombie and is considered to be many to be the birth of the Zombie myth.

With this new location in mind, the massive number of black zombies makes a little more sense - as does the different appearance of the Zombies when compared to Zombies from the original games.

Resident Evil 5 is currently confirmed for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, though no release date has yet been announced by Capcom. So, while you try to pass the time until the next RE game, why not head to the forums and discuss how you'd plan on surviving the Zombie apocalypse?
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