Retailers blamed for Xbox shortages

Written by Wil Harris

December 6, 2005 | 12:05

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News competition winner MrWillyWonka sends in this:

After the mad rush to get the Xbox 360, Microsoft have had problems with defective consoles and severe shortages. But it is not just Microsoft who are having gamers shout at them, retailers such as Amazon are also taking some of the blame.

It was not clear how many consoles each store will obtain in time for Christmas, and it seems have severely underestimated their supply and demand, and they have suggested that some orders may not get out until February next year. The retailer has cancelled the "guaranteed Christmas delivery", even to people who ordered the console way back in August.

Frustration is bubbling over, as Amazon has not done enough to inform customers, bewildered buyers tell us. More frustration comes from the fact that some gamers who ordered the console some time after August have already received their order, whilst some people have been left with games and accessories, but no console.

This comes after we reported yesterday that Microsoft is being sued for manufacturing defective consoles.

In its defence, Amazon has released a statement:

"Like every other console retailer in the UK we have issues with supplies of the Xbox 360 console... We have tried all along to be completely transparent regarding the availability situation".

They have also offered a mere £10 in compensation for their customer's troubles, although, in fairness, this is £10 more than many other retailers have offered.

We wonder if this whole release shenanigans will make Sony and Nintendo think carefully about their launch schedules and region allocations. Of course, we have to answer the question - which is worse? Microsoft releasing worldwide and limiting availability, or Sony just releasing in Japan and making the UK wait more than 6 months?

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