The Last Express re-released

Written by Joe Martin

January 14, 2011 | 11:08

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The Last Express, Jordan Mechner's oft-overlooked 1997 classic, has been re-released by digital distributor DotEmu.

DotEmu is now offering the Collector's Edition version of the game, which has been updated to run on modern PCs, for 7.49 Euro - or £6.31.

Released in 1997 by Broderbund, The Last Express is a murder-mystery set aboard the Orient Express in the days before World War I. The twist is that, rather than telling a linear story like most adventure games, The Last Express is a non-linear experience that takes place in real-time. That means that, while you search for clues and information, the other passengers aboard the train will follow their own stories; eating, sleeping, talking and so on.

The Last Express also uses an unusual art nouveau art style that is almost entirely hand-drawn. Alas, the cost of developing the game in this way made The Last Express a prohibitively expensive game to create. After five years of development it was released to critical acclaim and poor sales.

DotEmu's version of the game comes with no DRM and the ability to download it an unlimited number of times.

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