Revolution controller is bonkers

Written by Wil Harris

September 16, 2005 | 11:18

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Nintendo appears to have really pushed the boat out with the launch of its new controller for the Nintendo Revolution console, due next year.

The controller looks, well, like a TV remote.

It sports an integrated motion sensor, which can measure the pitch and yaw as you move it. The idea is that the controller can measure gestures as well as button input. Tom Bramwell from Eurogamer puts it best:

“The practical applications of the controller could be fascinating. Iwata presented a concept video showing how this might work, as gamers of various ages swung the controller like a baseball bat, fired it like a pistol, whipped it like a lasso, gestured with it like a conductor, and even flipped the tip up and down to the familiar sound of the Mario Bros. jumping effect.”

The controller has a button on the reverse which will be the primary button, we imagine, for use with the d-pad. There is also a socket on the bottom to plug in accessories, such as an analogue stick for controlling older games emulated through the Revolutions ‘back catalogue’ feature.

Nintendo claims that this controller will open gaming up to whole new audiences who feel intimidated by the more ‘hardcore’ approaches of the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. Is Nintendo right, or will is just lead to a bunch of games just looking like complete monkeys waving around some bizarre bit of plastic?

Let us know your thoughts on the controller in the forums – we really want ot know what you, the gamers, make of this… thing!

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