Revolution is a 'souped-up Xbox'

Written by Wil Harris

December 6, 2005 | 12:29

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Top gaming website IGN is running an exclusive preview of the hardware power alleged to be beneath the hood of the Nintendo revolution.

Nintendo have previously suggested that it will be 2-3 times more powerful than the Gamecube, although it has since retracted those numbers. It is also claimed that Nintendo has said that it will not be less powerful than the Xbox 360, although that quote was also unconfirmed. What Nintendo has confirmed is that the Revolution will not be supporting HD graphics, unlike the 360 or the PS3.

IGN has been talking to developers to find out just what is going on. This is one of the quotes they have:

""To be honest, it's not much more powerful than an Xbox. It's like a souped up Xbox," a major third party source revealed to us. "But it's the controller that makes the difference and the controller is really nice.""

That sounds rather rough. However, there's some explanation elsewhere in the article:

"Nintendo has said all along that sheer horsepower has not been a priority with Revolution. Rather, the company hopes to make the console small, quiet and affordable. It is very likely for this reason that the Big N chose not to make Revolution compatible with the emerging 720p, 1080i and 1080p high-definition video resolutions, which are focuses for competing consoles."

It's eminently possible that Nintendo will plan to establish its position in the next-gen console war by completely undercutting the competition, perhaps selling at as little as $199 from day 1. It will focus on getting killer launch day titles out there - such as Zelda, Twilight Princess, which may well debut with the console, having been almost finished on the Gamecube before production was moved to the new platform.

For Nintendo, it rather seems like next-gen for them is all about the games, rather than the hardware. What do you make of this approach? Tell us in the forums.
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