Ridge Racer will be on the PS3 at E3

Written by Wil Harris

April 20, 2006 | 14:00

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Ridge Racer 7 will be on display at the E3 games expo next month - on the PlayStation 3.

The game's creators have promised that, at the very least, a movie of the game will be released. Best case scenario, it could well be playable on the show floor, they have suggested this week.

Ridge Racer games have launched alongside the PSP and the PS2, and the 360 version hit the streets just weeks after that launch, too. It seems that RR7 is therefore a shoe-in for PS3 launch title, which would be rather cool.

The gameplay will be an expansion of the PSP and Xbox 360 versions of the game, which introduced nitrous boosting to the series.

There will be online multiplay and over 160 single player races to work through in the main campaign.

Ridge Racer games are legendary - are you looking forward to seeing this PS3 version? We are - and we're going to be in Los Angeles to check it out. Let us know your thoughts over in the forum.
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