Rock Band 2 out before Christmas?

Written by Faith Martin

October 29, 2008 | 11:16

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Rock Band 2 will finally be up for grabs in the UK before Christmas, at least according to one of EA's PR outfits who issued the announcement in a press release yesterday…and then subsequently retracted it.

Searching for clarification, Eurogamer decided to call EA and double check if this release date was correct or not. Unfortunately, it turns out that MTV, Harmonix and EA have still not set a UK release date for the game – so, just a slight slip-up there then.

It turns out that the release date that was sent out was either a mistake or some kind of bad joke. Damn you!

Rock Band 2 is already out in the US on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and a British TV advert claimed the game should be released here in November… but that turned out to be a mistake too.

Let’s all cross our fingers, and hope that EA comes to grips with the difficult and confusing task of figuring out the release date for the game; because we can’t wait to play it.

Still, at least Activision will be happy that Rock Band 2 is being delayed- at the moment Guitar Hero: World Tour is reaping in the cash, and Rock Band 2 could be a major threat to the title.

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