Rockstar favours 360 for GTA IV

Written by Joe Martin

July 26, 2007 | 10:06

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There's a lot of confusion going on about the different versions of Grand Theft Auto IV, with numerous parties telling numerous stories about the differences and/or similarities between the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 copies. Throughout it all though the game developer, Rockstar, has been tight-lipped and has tried it's best not to tip the balance by favouring Sony over Microsoft, or vice versa.

Those days of keeping schtum are now at an end.

In a recent interview over at Games Radar, Rockstar's Hosi Simon has dropped the ball.

Though Hosi starts off assuring gamers that it doesn't matter which platform they play on, he soon makes it clear where the hardcore will find the 'complete experience';

"They're identical games. We're not hardware makers, and we're not like a pawn between these companies, we try not to be as much as we can. We make great games for people to enjoy on whichever system they want."

Wait for it...

"But I guess if you want the complete experience with the episodes, then yeah, you should buy the 360, I suppose."

Still, at least he keeps his cool and still sounds all casual as he breaks the news that PS3 gamers will be getting the short straw in the eyes of the game designers.

Will you be picking GTA IV up for a console or will you be waiting for the inevitable PC port further down the line? Let us know - which you can do either through the forums or the comments section.
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