Second Kinect for Windows coming in 2014

Written by David Hing

May 24, 2013 | 18:54

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A new Kinect for Windows has been announced following the reveal of the updated motion sensor technology included as part of the upcoming Xbox One.

The second generation of Kinect for Windows is being released in 2014 and will include a new sensor and updated software development kit. The new hardware will boast improved precision and responsiveness with its voice and gesture commands.

'Both the new Kinect sensor and the new Kinect for Windows sensor are being built on a shared set of technologies,' said Microsoft director of Kinect for Windows Bob Heddle. 'Just as the new Kinect sensor will bring opportunities for revolutionizing gaming and entertainment, the new Kinect for Windows sensor will revolutionize computing experiences.'

The new Kinect for Windows sensor will feature a high-definition colour camera and an improved noise-isolating multi-microphone array to boost its voice recognition capabilities in crowded rooms.

The sensor will also be able to pick up on very precise motions such as the slight rotation of the wrist, body position and how wrinkled your clothes are using a method of measuring the time it takes for individual photons to rebound off an object.

Lighting conditions will be less of an issue with the new Kinect as well with the help of infrared capabilities which will also boost its ability to recognise facial features.

Further details will be revealed about the Windows version of Kinect in June at BUILD 2013.

The original Kinect for Windows package was released in February 2012, two years after the release for the Xbox 360. The SDK allows for Kinect apps to be written in C++, C# and Visual Basic .NET.
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