Second 360 lawsuit filed against Microsoft

Written by Joe Martin

July 20, 2007 | 16:47

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A second class action lawsuit has been filed against Microsoft, again alleging that the design of the Xbox 360 causes it to scratch and damage game discs.

The new lawsuit has been filed in a California court, only weeks after a similar lawsuit was filed in Florida. Both cases seek to claim a total of $5 million from Microsoft as compensation for the damage.

The new lawsuit has been filed by Christine Moskowitz and Dan Wood and alleges that the Xbox 360 has a design problem which damages discs used in the console and that Microsoft has refused to either replace or cover the cost of the damaged discs.

Microsoft has recently acknowledged that the Xbox 360 console has suffered from hardware failures, most often causing the 'red rings of doom' syndrome which can render the console useless. Microsoft has not acknowledged any problem with the disc drives however and has instead offered an extended warranty for all 360s.

Microsoft has also been semi-secretly adding a new heatsink to the console to help prevent failures. Some speculate that the failure rate of the console is as high as 30% and some specialists have refused to continue repairing the console at all due to being overwhelmed with faulty devices.

When pressed about the issue, a Microsoft spokesperson told InformationWeek that they have not received a significant number of complaints about scratched discs.

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