Second Life launching on smartphones

Written by Joe Martin

April 3, 2008 | 12:42

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Companies: #samsung

Samsung has revealed at the CTIA wireless event this week in Las Vegas that it is launching a new software which enables users to play Second Life on their smartphones.

Second Life is the free-to-play MMO driven by user generated content and filled mostly with weird colourful things we don't understand and companies who for some reason think it is the only place an online presence can be properly established.

Speaking to the KoreaTimes, a spokesperson for Samsung said; "We plan to commercialize phones equipped with the innovative wireless mobile solutions possibly from the second half of this year for U.S. consumers.

Sure, and why not leverage some paradigms and synergise some workflows while you commercialize those innovations, eh?

The software does look pretty swanky admittedly - the app runs in full 3D and lets mobile players communicate with the online community via internet, phone or SMS. Still, the general consensus is that the Second Life fad is pretty much over now, so why Samsung wants to bring it to business users we don't know.

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