Sequel to The Ship is underway

Written by Joe Martin

September 4, 2007 | 12:10

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Outerlight Software has just confirmed that it is busy working on a new game; a sequel to the Steam-distributed cat and mouse game, The Ship.

Set on a selection of old-fashioned cruise liners, the original game was greeted with mixed reaction due to an odd blend of roleplay, FPS, stealth and traditional deathmatch elements. In each game players are assigned a random identity and a target whom they must assassinate without being detected by the ships security. The catch? Someone else is trying to kill you too.

The game bundled a number of different genres together in the final product and players could use diguises, passers-by and a number of environmental traps to accomplish their missions.

While the original was praised for being very innovative and creative, it was also faulted for a confusing interface and clunky game mechanics.

The news was released over on the official website, but no mention is made of what players might be able to expect in terms of gameplay or engine changes. Will the sequel stay on Source, or will it move to a new engine? Will the new game also be set on 1930's ocean liners or in modern day skyscrapers? Nobody knows.

It would seem a reasonable guess though to say that The Ship 2 would be moving to consoles in some form however, with Xbox Live being a perfect battleground for those who want to embroil themselves in a fast-paced, multiplayer murder mystery.

Outerlight were also very creative in their beta testing of the game; creating a working mock-up of the game as a Half-Life 1 Mod and making it available for free. When they were satisfied with the game there, the same design was moved to the Half-Life 2 engine and released commercially.

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