Simon the Sorcerer IV coming to the US

Written by Joe Martin

August 29, 2007 | 16:13

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bit-tech readers will already know about my love of adventure games and some of the rather extreme and unrealistic methods I've proposed to help bring them back to forefront of PC gaming. I hope you'll understand then how I couldn't help but post this little bit of adventure game news.

Apparently, PlayLogic has announced at Leipzig GC 2007 that it will be publishing a translated version of the latest Simon the Sorcerer game - one which I was oddly unaware of.

Simon the Sorcerer IV: Chaos Happens was released only in Germany, which is unsurprising given the love for adventure games over there (which is probably thanks to strict regulation which opposes violent games). Now PlayLogic will be translating the game into English and publishing it in North America in early 2008. There's no word on a UK release yet, but it seems likely.

The Simon the Sorcerer series began back on DOS in 1993, attempting to capitalise on the trend back then for point-and-click adventure games. Although the first games were blatantly made in a Monkey Island mould and used an interface very similar to the SCUMM engine which powered all Lucasarts' adventure games, the series still gathered many fans thanks to a crude sense of humour and plentiful innuendo.

Simon the Sorcerer IV updates the game with a 3D engine and was released earlier this year in Germany, without my knowledge. I swear, I should make sure all publishers send all their adventure games through me for my official approval.

Ever play Simon the Sorcerer? What did you think to it? Are adventure games dying or is the genre having a resurgence now? Answers in the forums, if you please.
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