SiN 2 to be released in episodes via Steam

Written by Wil Harris

July 6, 2005 | 09:10

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Who remembers the original SiN? Following the escapades of John Blade in a sci-fi comic-book-esque city, it was one of a flood of games released back as FPS games got tremendously popular in 1998, alongside titles like Shogo and Quake 2.

Well, it seems like SiN is going to be back later on this year. Ritual Entertainment have been interviewed in PC Gamer magazine in the UK (via Eurogamer) and have confirmed that the game will be released as a series of episodes.

Episodes will be made available via the Valve vehicle Steam, and will cost $20 a pop, with each episode sporting around 6 hours of gameplay.

The new version of SiN is going to be using the Source engine, making it the first licensee we've heard of after Vampire: Bloodlines last year.

Is the game going to hit the shelves in boxed form? We don't know, but we suspect not - at least not initally. Perhaps after all the episodes are done?

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