Sin City: The Game announced

Written by Joe Martin

October 19, 2007 | 10:29

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Movie-to-game adaptations have a deservedly bad reputation for the most part, whether it's Peter Jackson's King Kong proving that even Michel Ancel isn't perfect or the latest Disney film-tie in monstrosity. Nobody stops making them though in spite of this reputation and people still rush out and buy them.

So, the only surprise about the announcement of Sin City: The Game is that it has taken so long for the rights to be sold.

The game-based-on-the-film-based-on-the-graphic-novels was announced today by Red Mile Entertainment, the same company behind Jackass: The Game. Yeah, it doesn't look good, does it?

Thankfully, Red Mile Entertainment may have their heads screwed on right after all as they've drafted in established game writer Flint Dille to help create the game. Dille has won accolades for his game crafting in the past and created the surprisingly good and rule breaking movie tie-in, Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay.

Apparently Dille and Sin City creator Frank Miller go way back too and the pair have been friends since Dille was working on the Transformers cartoon series.

"Frank and I have been having a party coming up with nasty stuff for the game. In true Sin City fashion, some old characters will return, new characters will appear and — without giving anything away — probably die horribly. It's great to be working with the Red Mile team on this project: They clearly share Frank's and my commitment to bringing a new and true Sin City to interactive life." Said Dille in an interview over at CNN.

Could this be the game to defy the movie-game rule, or will it too succumb to the curse of tie-ins? Let us know your thoughts in the forums.
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