Sony: No price cuts planned

Written by Joe Martin

November 25, 2008 | 12:00

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Surprise, surprise; another day and another release from Sony dismissing rumours of PlayStation 3 price cuts. Sony has once more trashed rumours of a price cut before Christmas, this time saying that it will not be lowering prices in March 2009 either, as had previously been rumoured.

A Sony Computer Entertainment America recently confirmed to Edge that the company had no plans for a PlayStation 3 price cut and that any rumours suggesting a price cut was coming in March 2009 were without merit.

"There are no plans for a price reduction on PS3 in March 09, and anything reported on or discussed otherwise is purely rumor or speculation."

Rumours originally began to spread from an anonymous source who told websites that Sony had promised a more competitive pricing structure as of March 2009 in a Sony staff briefing in London. The official Sony rhetoric however claims otherwise.

Sony has consistently claimed to be comfortable with the $400 USD / £299 GBP price point of the 80GB PlayStation 3 SKU, claiming that no other product on the market can match the PlayStation 3 for performance and value for money.

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