Sony: "PSP needs more new games"

Written by Joe Martin

May 12, 2008 | 13:00

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Sony Computer Entertainment Europe president David Reeves has admitted in a recent interview that the Sony PlayStation Portable really needs some new games to prove attractive to customers when, especially when compared to the Nintendo DS.

Sony has continued to expand on the functionality of the PSP lately with Go! Explore and video chat software, but this seems only to have given the handheld a bit of an identity crisis. As a games console the PSP is definitely lacking appeal.

At the PlayStation Day press confrence recently only two new PSP games were introduced in an hour and a half presentation - and one of those was Buzz! Quiz Master.

"Hand on heart, would we like more PSP games? Yes, we would. We really would," said Reeves in an interview with

Although publisher support for the PSP platform is diminishing somewhat as developers crowd around the hugely successful Nintendo DS system, Japanese sales for the PSP have rocketed recently - there are now over 1.5 million sold. Unfortunately for western gamers this also means that many games are only being released in Japan, or having huge delays between different regions as happened with Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core.

"We've seen in the last six months that because of the success of the PSP in Japan many Japanese developers have got some absolutely phenomenal games. They're not Monster Hunter 2G or things like that, but they are in development and we'll see them over here," said Reeves.

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