Sony modifies PS2, discusses price cut in Europe

Written by Joe Martin

July 9, 2007 | 12:23

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Sony has been busy this week. Busy, busy bees.

Not only did Sony spend the first part of the week apologising again to The Church of England and slashing the price of PlayStation 3 (despite Sony Japan denying it), but it also managed to streamline the PlayStation 2 somewhat.

Sony has continued to support the uber-popular PlayStation 2, unlike Microsoft who promptly dropped the original Xbox in favour of the Xbox 360, and has also continued to improve on the PS2's design.

The new version of the PlayStation 2 may look the same to the previous versions, but is actually an entirely different animal and is more than a third lighter than normal apparently. The power adaptor too has been dieting, losing 100 grams in all, ending up down at 250 grams.

The new components and weight of the PlayStation 2.1, as we've chosen to christen it, should make for a cheaper console thanks to lower shipping and production costs.

Meanwhile, Kotaku has been asking Sony Europe just how long European gamers will have to wait until a price cut on the PlayStation 3. The result a bit disappointing, but entirely predictable given Sony's history in Europe;

"We have no announcement to make at this time."

Still, as Kotaku points out, the system did arrive five months later in Europe than planned, so we may just have to wait five months for a similar price cut on this side of the pond. On the other hand it may just be a surprise announcement as only hours before the American price cut, the heads of Sony were still denying any such move.

Annoyed at the lack of European price cuts, or is that frustration balanced out by the PS2 improvements? Let us know what you think in our community discussion forums.
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