Sony opens PS3 to advertisers

Written by Joe Martin

February 26, 2008 | 10:07

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Companies: #sony has revealed that Sony is opening up the PS3 platform to agencies such as AdScape, IGA and Double Fusion, who may soon start a bidding war in attempts to sign publishers.

Although Sony has previously had it's own in-house advertising team to bring adverts to gamers in games like Pain, this is the first time Sony has made the PlayStation Network a possibility for third parties.

"Making things open only makes things better for marketers or people who want to place ads because they aren't the mercy of a given network," eMarketer senior writer James Belcher told Advertising Age (via

The move to open the platform is different to the steps taken by main rival Microsoft, who require all advertising deals to be brokered through Massive - an ad agency Microsoft acquired in 2006.

Of course, in-game adverts aren't popular with everyone. Simon Hill of Outerlight recently posted a developer column on his own experiences with in-game advertising, sparking a furious debate on the forums.

Are you a fan of in-game ads or do you think that it just gets in the way of the game? Let us know in the forums.
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