Sony postpones release of Skype for PSP

Written by Tim Smalley

January 23, 2008 | 16:59

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After announcing the partnership with Skype to bring its software to Sony’s PlayStation Portable at CES, the company has now said that the project has been indefinitely delayed just a day before its scheduled release.

The reason, you ask?

Sony’s microphone products for the PSP did not meet the specifications required to obtain certification from Skype.

This is the first time we’ve heard of a Skype certification process and one has to wonder exactly why Sony’s microphone products didn’t meet the requirements, but I guess we’ll never find out why.

As a result Sony has decided to postpone the release of the Skype features and services, which were expected to be included in tomorrow’s scheduled firmware update. The company says that it will announce its plans for the PSP’s Skype roll out in due course... I guess that means, when it fixes its microphone products.

Here’s hoping that the microphones will be granted certification and the Skype features will be rolled out in quick time. For now, discuss these developments in the forums.

Sony has said that this delay only affects Japan - the update will go ahead as scheduled across the rest of the world.
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