Details of the next Splinter Cell emerge

Written by Wil Harris

November 22, 2005 | 13:46

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Eurogamer is reporting that PSW magazine has written that Ubisoft has told them about the details of the new Splinter Cell title.

Something is up with Sam Fisher - he starts off in jail, and there's some mystery as to what exactly he's doing there. He's gained one mysterious tattoo and lost one daughter, which is not a particularly good trade.

Sam will be interacting with a crime family and the storyline looks to be totally different from any of the previous outings - and it is starting to look like the storyline will only unfold over the course of the game.

Eurogamer also had this to say:

"There's also a new gameplay feature that's set to change the whole dynamic of the game - but they're not saying what this is yet, either. "At this early stage we don't want to reveal too much, but this new Splinter Cell is bringing an obvious but as yet unexploited aspect to the genre. We sometimes wonder how come nobody thought about it before," creative director Daniel Berube told PSW."

The game will use a tweaked-up version of the Chaos Theory engine, meaning it should be pushing the limits of PC and next-gen console hardware. Awesome.

It's out in the spring, but you can try and satisfy your desire for the game by dropping us your thoughts on it in the forums.
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