Spy Hunter Movie details emerge

Written by Joe Martin

June 4, 2007 | 11:40

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The Spy Hunter movie has suffered numerous and almost constant delays over the course of its development, so it's not that surprising that the film, which was originally announced in 2003, has only just had a writer and director formally attached to it.

Although the film seems to be edging its way out of production limbo, retro movie/game tie-in fans may want to hold off on their rejoicing for a bit longer, as the writer/director attached to the project is none other than Paul W.S. Anderson, the same Boll-alike who bought the movie versions of Resident Evil to life.

The Spy Hunter movie was originally planned as an John Woo action film that would make heavy use of CGI and star The Rock as the main character.

A new game was even released for the original Xbox and PlayStation 2 and was planned to tie into the movie's plot, although the movie got stuck in developmental hell and the game was released without the movie's support.

It's unknown whether Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson will still star in the revived version of the film, or how the plot will change now that Paul Anderson has taken over the roles of both writer and director.

So, can there ever actually be a good film based on a game or are they all doomed for failure? There are certain bit-tech.net writers who reckon the Doom movie was quite good, though those persons prefer to remain anonymous. Let us know your reactions over in the forums.
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