SpyParty enters open beta

Written by David Hing

June 5, 2013 | 08:01

Tags: #asymmetrical-multiplayer #open-beta

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The notorious and greatly anticipated asymmetrical multiplayer hide-and-snipe SpyParty is finally entering open beta after more than two years in closed beta.

Developed by veteran designer Chris Hecker, the game pits two players against each other, one with the task of blending in with a group of AI characters at a dinner party and the other tasked with finding their opponent and shooting them.

This encourages the hiding player to try and behave like the AI characters and forces the shooting player to carefully observe the scene as they are only allowed to make a single shot in the round.

Hecker intends to release new maps and missions and extra features like spectator functionality and replays. There is also a plan to update the game's artwork, something that he announced on his site at the end of last year.

Access to the early access beta costs $15 and can be bought over on the official SpyParty site.

First revealed in 2009 at GDC, Hecker described the game as focusing on the subtlety of human behaviour and character as opposed to the explosions and car chases usually found in spy-based games.

SpyParty has since been a popular feature at several gaming exhibitions during its development. During its time in closed beta, the waiting list to be sent out an invite apparently grew to approximately 14,000.

No official release date for the title has ever been ventured with Hecker initially saying that it was two years away from completion back in 2010, and saying something similar over Twitter earlier this year as well.
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