Square Enix to publish Supreme Commander 2

Written by Joe Martin

November 13, 2008 | 10:52

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It may seem like an odd engagement, but Japanese developer and publisher Square Enix has formally announced that it will publish Gas Powered Games' strategy follow-up, Supreme Commander 2. Giant robots are big in Japan, we guess.

The deal, which is unusual as Square Enix has traditionally stayed with Japanese RPGs whereas Gas Powered Games is a western developer with a history in the strategy genre, is a deliberate change of pace for Square Enix.

"We see great opportunities in European and North American markets, both of which are expected to be maintaining sustainable growth over these coming years," explained Yoichi Wada, Square Enix boss.

The move is part of an increased effort by Square Enix to try and penetrate western markets and genres.

"It is crucial we create alliances with proven developers such as Gas Powered Games in order to serve these significant markets better by providing products and services in tune with customer tastes," Yoichi continued.

Supreme Commander opened to great reviews when it was first released and many fans were won over by the mix of large-scale conflict and giant stompy robots. You can check our review of Supreme Commander information, as well as some of Chris Taylor's later games such as Space Siege.

No release date has yet been announced for Supreme Commander 2, but Square Enix has confirmed that it is in development as we speak.

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