Star Trek Online to be 'more casual'

Written by Joe Martin

November 27, 2007 | 09:38

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Perpetual Entertainment has got a new boss, a media company which is trying to use the developer to break through into the videogame market for the first time, according to Shacknews. All well and good I suppose - fresh blood in the veins never hurts.

Unfortunately, this transfusion may go slightly wrong. The new bosses have been in charge for only a little while and already they've cancelled one game and demanded radical changes to the other, all apparently while remaining anonymous.

The cancelled game has been revealed to be Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising, which isn't something I'm going to miss all that much since I've yet to finish a full campaign in Rome: Total War and can only tolerate so much toga at a time. More scarily though, the new man upstairs has demanded changes to the Star Trek Online game that has been in the pipeline for a while now. They want to make the game 'more casual' apparently.

I know, it made me shudder too.

If the idea of linking up similarly coloured tiles/dilythium crystals every time you want to reverse the polarity (something which is invariably key to the survival of the ship) of the deflector shield doesn't sound bad enough then you should probably stop reading now because it doesn't get any better.

Sources inside Perpetual, many of whom are unhappy with the new changes, have also leaked that the game will be adopting a style of revenue similar to Korean MMOs. On the good side, this means there's no subscriptions, but on the bad side it means that there's going to be dozens of in-game micro-transactions. You'll have to pay for privileges.

It's time we just forgot about all this nonsense though and got right down to the important stuff. Who is the best Star Trek captain? Most popular character? Personally, I always like Dr. Julian Bashir, but then I always was a sucker for those blue uniforms and genetically enhanced eyes which are shrouded in mystery. Let us know what you think in the forums.
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