Steam Machines appear on the Steam Store

Written by David Hing

March 6, 2015 | 11:59

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A series of Steam Machines have been listed on the Steam Store by Valve.

The listings include the prices of 15 different models from various manufacturers that are due to release in November this year, although Valve has not nailed this down to a specific date.

The price range of the Steam machines is highly varied, starting at the lower end of $460 for the iBuyPower SBX or $480 for the Alienware Steam Machine and going as far as $5,000 in the case of the Falcon Northwest Tiki and Origin Omega.

Several of the entries have variable pricing options, like those higher end machines, depending on how players want to customise the hardware. Several of the Steam Machines will also be bundled with one of Valve's redesigned controllers that was shown off at GDC earlier this week.

The concept of the Steam Machine has been around since the end of 2012 where Valve announced it was considering the development of a video game console with the official reveal of the project and SteamOS happening in December 2013. The release of the Steam Machines was supposed to happen towards the end of 2014, but this was pushed back by Valve.

Reports circulated last year that one of the prominent Steam Machine manufacturers, Alienware, was not expecting the Steam Machine to sell well and when talking to the Wall Street Journal stated that it was expected to be the least profitable system they had ever sold.
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