New Street Fighter V trailer reveals Ibuki

Written by Jake Tucker

May 30, 2016 | 16:38

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The next character to be released for Street Fighter V has been revealed as Ibuki, a returning face that fans might recognise from Street Fighter III and Street Fighter IV, as well as some of the Street Fighter spinoff titles.

She was revealed today in a trailer showing off her ninja moves and beating up Guile, the last DLC character, like it’s nobody’s business.

She comes complete with kunais to throw, a kite to glide around on and a bomb to throw that can set up combos by exploding and keeping an enemy in the air for as long as possible. There’s no word yet on exactly when Ibuki will be released but until she is we at least get to watch Guile get thoroughly destroyed in the trailer. Other details for exactly how Ibuki plays and the contents of the update she’s to be included in are also yet to be revealed.

Ibuki is the third of six DLC characters for Street Fighter V to be released in 2016, as part of the ‘first wave’ of DLC, with a second wave coming out in 2017. Check out the reveal trailer for Ibuki, and look at what you can’t have just quite yet below.

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