Study: Games and TV make adults more violent

Written by Joe Martin

December 6, 2007 | 15:59

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Researchers from the University of Michigan have just released the results of an extensive study into the effect of violent TV shows and computer games on adult behaviour. The results aren't good for gamers.

The study, which was set over thirty-year and looked at 856 children, found that violent games and TV shows have a very dramatic and detrimental effect on the behaviour of the test subjects - more so than other factors.

"[The study found that] repeated exposure to violent television shows and video games have a stronger influence on aggressive behaviour than being poor, having substance abuse or growing up with abusive parents," said the report, which was revealed to Fox Business, of all places.

Researchers universally agreed that the results had "profoundly serious implications for society."

The report found specifically that men who were exposed to gruesome television shows or computer games became more likely to assault their partners physically. Women became more likely to attack other adults by throwing things or entering into aggressive behaviour.

It isn't all bad news though and the researchers also point out that, although violent video games have increased in popularity since 1990, crime levels have decreased consistently and that European countries have lower crime rates still, despite having access to the same content.

Do games make you more violent or angry? What's the most violent game you've ever played? How do we tackle this problem and can we take this report seriously? Let us know what you think in the forums.
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