Team17 to remake Alien Breed

Written by Joe Martin

September 16, 2008 | 12:03

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Team17 is stepping away from the Worms franchise for a little bit and will be remaking the original Alien Breed game and all we can say is thank you! Don't get us wrong, we love Worms, but the series has become a little bit repetitive and formulaic over the last few years.

Team17 gave the announcement last night that it would be remaking Alien Breed, which was a top-down sci-fi shooter made for the single greatest computer system ever, the Amiga.

Not much is know about the game, which has no relation to the Aliens series, just yet and we aren't too sure on whether it'll be an all-out remake or an utterly fresh sequel.

Currently, the rumour is that Team17 is looking to maximise revenue on the game and that it will be a self-published, downloadable affair, so although platforms haven't yet been confirmed XBLA, PSN and PC all seem like viable choices, though WiiWare could also be on the cards.

Or, in other words, it could come to pretty much any platform and we just don't know for sure.

"We're doing it with a budget far in excess of anything that has been spent anywhere on a digital title to date," Team17 reportedly said in a recent statement.

Does Alien Breed float your boat, or are you still bent out of shape over our claim that the Amiga is king? Let us know in the forums.
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