Tekken tablet and card game announced

Written by David Hing

January 23, 2013 | 13:35

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Namco Bandai's fighting franchise Tekken is about to embark on a cross media project in the form of Tekken Card Tournament.

The game will take the form of a card game that will be free to download for tablets, smartphones and web browsers and will be further fuelled by physical cards bought in booster packs from stores.

As well as providing extra digital elements to the game through a QR code, the physical cards can also be played as a standalone card game.

An extra quirk of the cards themselves is that they will sport an augmented reality feature, displaying Tekken characters if you point a smartphone or tablet camera at the cards.

The digital component to the game will be released soon with the card packs being released later on this year around spring.

Cross media gaming projects are starting to look like an attractive proposition for investors following the roaring success of Skylanders, the game that encourages the sale of toys to help drive the game. Skylanders even picked up the toy industry's Toy of the Year award last year.

Disney has also unveiled its own cross media project in the form of Disney Infinity, a seemingly more muddled affair where figurines of characters from several different Disney properties can be used to access digital gaming content.

The idea of a virtual game being supported by physical cards is not a new one either. Sony's Eye of Judgment which made use of the Playstation Eye camera to recognise cards placed on a matt in front of the console ran on a similar principle, although was hamstrung by the fiddly light levels required and the limited availability of additional cards.
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