Ubisoft cancels Heroes game

Written by Joe Martin

November 7, 2008 | 11:00

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Ubisoft has confirmed that it has cancelled development of the Heroes games and returned the rights to NBC Universal, though no real reason has been given.

Ubisoft first officially announced the game tie-in to the hit TV series in July last year, with the game scheduled to have been released by, well, now.

The rights to the ‘Heroes’ video game have reverted back to NBC Universal," said Ubisoft PR director Jaime Cottini. "Ubisoft will no longer produce a video game based on the TV series."

Though no official information was ever given out on the game or why exactly it has been cancelled, speculation is that Ubisoft is responding to declining interest in the show, which is now in the third series. Though the show proved phenomenally popular in the first series, the second series came to an abrupt end thanks to the writers strike and the third season has struggled to get positive reviews.

Ubisoft's cancellation of the game also coincides with NBC's firing of Heroes' executive producers according to Variety, who also point out the declining interest in the show among audiences.

Do you think it's a shame that the game has been cancelled, or has Ubisoft's attempt to make a Lost game made you lose faith in TV-to-game crossovers? Let us know what you think in the forums.
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