Ubisoft fends off anti-war protesters

Written by Joe Martin

August 8, 2008 | 10:50

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Ubisoft has had to fend off anti-war protesters recently after one of the company offices became the staging ground for a protest against the America's Army franchise.

Leading the protest was former soldier Ryan Lockwood who, according to MTV, was backed by the Veterans Against the War group. The group is protesting over the way that the US Army is funding the development of the America's Army series as a recruitment tool.

"It's definitely a recruitment tool, and the fact that it's put out by the federal government and being funded from our tax dollars sounds illegal to me," Ryan told MTV.

"I'm not exactly sure what the laws are, but if it is being funded by our tax dollars, we have the right to say, 'Hey, stop taking our money and using it for stupid sh**.'"

Asked why the group was protesting against America's Army specifically and not just all military games, such as any of the Tom Clancy series which are also developed by Ubisoft, Ryan said that the difference was that one was a realistic game, the other a simulation built with US tax money.

Ubisoft's US president Laurent Detoc said that the company had every right to publish the game on consoles, but that the publisher had no plans for further installments - though he was hazy on whether that would mean an end to the series. The game has not been published in Europe.

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