Ubisoft reveals Shaun White’s Snowboarding for Wii

Written by Joe Martin

May 30, 2008 | 13:27

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Nintendo’s balance board for the Wii is a clever old thing with an awful lot of potential to increase the immersiveness of games, though the only one to do so thus far is the first party Wii Fit.

But not for long as Ubisoft has unveiled it’s first action-sports title; a snowboarding game licensed to use the Shaun White name.

Shaun White’s Snowboarding is being developed for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 using the Assassin’s Creed engine and will allow players the chance to explore huge mountains as large, open areas rather than as linear levels. The game even lets you explore the mountains on foot, by lift, helicopter or board.

Speaking of boards, Ubisoft revealed at Ubidays 2008 yesterday that the game is also being built for the Wii and that this version will be compatible with the Wii balance board.

We got a chance to see both versions of the game at the Ubidays event this year and, although we couldn’t go hands or feet-on with the game it is looking very impressive. The Wii version in particular is very eye-catching as it uses a cool cel-shaded art style.

Shaun is one the world’s best known snowboarders and has won Olympic gold medals repeatedly,” said one of the developers for the game who we got chatting to.

He’s actively involved in the project and working very closely with us to make this game his own. We hope it could be the next Tony Hawk’s.

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