Ubisoft revives Driver, starts new title

Written by Joe Martin

June 19, 2008 | 11:57

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Ubisoft has been revealed to be working on a new game in the Driver series, with work already underway at the Reflections studio in Newcastle.

Perceptive readers will have noted the the careful wording there - 'has been revealed to be working' - because although this news is based on footage from a visit the BBC paid to the studio, Ubisoft spokespeople claim to have no knowledge of the game according to Eurogamer.

Regardless, the video looks authentic to us and the presenter in question clearly reveals that the Reflections studio, which is best known for the other Driver games, is owned by Ubisoft and is working on a new game in the series.

The footage from the report has brief glimpses of some of the cars currently being designed and seems to indicate that the series is being designed with more of a cartoony and less-realistic feel to it.

It's definitely known that Ubisoft owns the rights to the Driver franchise, having bought the game from Atari back in 2000 as CEO Yves Guillemot wanted to get Ubisoft into the racing game genre, but until now nothing seemed to have been done with the license other than that Sony hinted a PS3 version was in development a few years ago.

Would you be excited to see another Driver game, or did Driv3r leave a sour taste in your mouth thanks to poor spelling and awful handling? Let us know in the forums.
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