The next Trials game could be crossed with the OTT Far Cry: Blood Dragon

Written by Jake Tucker

April 27, 2016 | 13:19

Tags: #blood-dragon #fps #trials

Companies: #ubisoft

It looks like the next game in the Trials series is going to be a mash-up with wacky '80s themed Far Cry spin-off Blood Dragon. And it'll be called Trials of the Blood Dragon. That's if a ratings board listing in Taiwan is to be believed.

While Ubisoft hasn't officially announced the game yet, the submission to the board does include a logo. It's neon, it's scratchy, and it's exactly the sort of thing you might have stared at if you spent any time in an arcade during their heyday.

If you ask me it's a match made in heaven. The Trials series has always been about ridiculous explosions and over-the-top courses, and Blood Dragon features a cybernetically enhanced Michael Biehn and dragons that fire lasers out of their freakin' eyes. I once called Blood Dragon the saviour of video games, and while I was being hyperbolic, it was excellent.

We want to jump over the gnashing maws of enormous robot creatures, we want to scream with hate and joy as our (probably) hover bikes smash into giant puddles of toxic ooze and explode in glorious technicolour.

Basically if this game isn't the most incredible, back-flippingest throwback to '80s futurism the world has ever seen then we're going to go on an explosive-fuelled rampage on tarted up dirt bikes that fire rockets. Ubisoft, you've been warned.
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