As 1-Up points out, the UK used to be a juggernaut of games development - home to powerhouses like Psygnosis (Lemmings), Core Design (Tomb Raider, Rick Dangerous) and Bullfrog (Theme Hospital, Dungeon Keeper, Syndicate). Unfortunately, the UK is no longer the gaming god it once was as many of the best games now come from abroad while success stories like Introversion are fewer and farther between.

Cue Free Radical, the UK based developer of Timesplitters and the upcoming (and compellingly gorgeous) Haze, who want to shake things up a little.

In an interview over at, David Doak says;

"The UK Government needs to do something more useful than just criticizing violent content in video games. "They love the British film industry and stuff and are prepared to give it money [...] yet they'll stand around watching video game developers losing staff."

"Here's an industry that 20 years ago we led the world in - through bedroom rock-and-roll development on the early home computers - and now there's a very real chance that what is now a real profession is going to be driven out of the UK because they don't make any concessions to it."

David, who showcased the upcoming Haze at Ubidays 2007 for us, points to countries like France and China as being more attractive to games developers as the UK government drives up the costs of game development.

In an article on the BBC last month Roger Bennett, the Director of the ELSPA (Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association) agreed with David;

"Our greatest asset is our creativity and in recent times we have seen this talent being leached away through lack of funding and more attractive prospects overseas. As a result, the UK risks losing its position as the source of global blockbuster titles. It is now time for government to recognise the valuable contribution we make to the UK economy, comparative to other entertainment sectors."

With other countries like France already finding ways to honour prominent developers like Michel Ancel, the creator of Rayman, we better hope that parliament is quick to act before more developers flee the country.

Should games developers expect help from the government, or are they just moaning about nothing? Tell us what you think in the forums.
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