Rumour: Could Steam soon be accepting Bitcoin?

Written by Jake Tucker

April 22, 2016 | 06:10

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Valve could be preparing to implement Bitcoin support on Steam, if screenshots taken from Steam’s private developer forums are accurate.

Numerous sources have reported that Steam is soon going to start accepting Bitcoin payments, with the yet to be verified screenshot claiming “We are excited to announce that Steam is going to start accepting payments via Bitcoin, we’re using an external payment provider to process Bitcoin payments to help partners reach more customers on Steam.”

"Bitcoin is becoming an increasingly popular online payment method in some countries, and we’re enabling a system that insulates partners from risk and volatility while still providing value to the end customer."

Charges will be based on the current value of Bitcoin in that payment region and for developers and publishers no action is required; Steam’s external payment provider will be doing all of the heavy lifting and handling the currency conversion behind the scenes. The announcement is clear that Valve aren’t going big on cryptocurrency: “At no time does Valve receive of hold Bitcoin” instead pointing out that their external payment provider will be converting all purchases back into local currency before payment reaches Valve.

Rumour: Could Steam soon be accepting Bitcoin?

So, if you don’t use Bitcoin this probably won’t affect you at all, if you do… well, does anyone still believe in Cryptocurrency? It’s your lucky day, potentially.
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