Warren Spector not bothered about Deus Ex 3

Written by Joe Martin

July 24, 2007 | 15:58

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Deus Ex - the very name communicates a sensation of quality and beautiful gameplay to an entire generation of gamers. Deus Ex 2 on the other hand? Eh, not so good. How Deus Ex 3 will hold up remains to be seen though.

Still, at least Warren Spector, who now works for Disney, is hopeful about how the game turns out...or, maybe he's not hopeful. He's kind of ambivalent about the whole thing really.

"Of course I'm going to play it, but... I'm a strangely emotional guy in some ways. In some ways I'm just not, in other ways it's just like I'm sitting here thinking, "Oh my gosh, these are characters and situations and a world that I was so intimately involved with for so much of my life and now someone else is going to play with my baby!"

"It's hard, but I've talked to a bunch of guys at Eidos and they seem committed to the property, so I'm sure they'll do a great job," said Spector, who designed the first and best in the series of games which chart a number of conspiracies to rule the world, in a recent interview.

Deus Ex The Third is currently being developed by Eidos Montreal and neither Warren Spector nor Harvey Smith, who worked on the second instalment, are attached to the game in any way. We can only hope that the new game doesn't succumb to the same problems as Deus Ex 2: Invisible War, which was criticised for simplified RPG elements and tiny levels with long load times.

Without Spector's input, many gamers are worried that the third game in the series may be the weakest yet and that the game may try to cater too much to console gamers or series n00bs.

How do you think the third game is going to pan out? Which ending was your favourite in the first two games? Let us know in the forums, or in the comments section below.
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