Wii launched, dissected and... serenaded?

Written by Ryan Garside

November 20, 2006 | 12:27

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If the last seven days were Playstation 3 orientated then this week looks set to have Nintendo written all over it. Below is news on the release of the console, the dissection and the songs by a gaming jew that went with it.

First up then, the launch of the Nintendo Wii was a resounding success. DailyTech reports that everyone who attended the New York release (roughly 4,000 gamers) was able to walk away happy. Rather than the shootings that took place with the PS3 launch, the Wii launch went off without a hitch. Instead of bullets firing you had GameJew singing happy videogame related songs to a queue of people waiting for their Nintendo Wii. This how consoles should be released.

As with the Playstation 3, some people can't help but be destructive and the guys over at Popsci have opened up the Nintendo Wii and had a look at what makes it tick. They kindly took a lot of photos of the disassembling process so if that's what floats your boat then give it a look.

The final piece of Wii related news could see the first Wii related lawsuit. This forum thread documents an unfortunate TV breakage, where one sweaty handed gamer let go of the Wii remote, the wrist strap snapped and ended up with his 60" rear projection TV smashed. Did the guy really have the wrist strap on? Is this just an attempt to bag a new TV from Nintendo? We'll probably never know.

The Wii will be arriving on British shores come December 8th, but until then, you can check our hands on Wiiview to pass the time.

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