So, you think you've got what it takes to be a game designers? Eh, do ya, punk?

Well, if you answer yes, then Bioware will probably want to hear from you. Bioware has recently launched a contest in which the final prize is an invitation to come to its headquarters in Austin, Texas to start working on an upcoming MMO.

The contest will involve designing and building a module using the Neverwinter Nights 1 Aurora Toolset, which can be downloaded from the contest website.

Bioware is very particular though and won't be looking for just scantily clad women and big swords;

"When hiring world designers, BioWare looks at your scripting/technical abilities, your creative level design skills, your ability to create cinematic moments, and your ability to create interesting and fun puzzles. Because BioWare is known for quality, we also value a world designer's ability to create stable, bug free work that is well documented."

Bioware has earned the right to be so fussy of course, having created some of the best games ever such as the Baldur's Gate and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic series', not to mention the highly anticipated Mass Effect.

If you think you've the l33t skills to impress the lords of RPG then you better get cracking though, all entries must be finished by July 20th.

If you're stuck for ideas, or just want to berate other peoples efforts, then why not pop into the forums for something to do.
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