World's first Kil'jaeden kill

Written by Joe Martin

May 28, 2008 | 09:35

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European World of Warcraft guild SK Gaming has claimed the first ever kill of Kil'jaeden, the current endgame boss of World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade according to reports from Eurogamer.

Kil'jaeden was the final boss of the Sunwell Plateau raid dungeon, first released in the Fury of the Sunwell update two months ago, but until now nobody has been able to bring him down.

SK Gaming though has claimed the honour of bringing the second cycle of the game to a close, as Blizzard will not be adding any more major raid dungeons to World of Warcraft until the release of the next expansion pack, Wrath of the Lich King.

Reaching and toppling the beastie apparently took SK Gaming a total of three days on their server, Vek'nilash. Interestingly though, even though the gates to Kil'jaeden have been open a day longer in America, no US guild has managed to yet bring the monster down. The kill also marks the end of a run by SK Gaming's rival clan, Nihilum who had previously held the honour of being the first guild in the world to down every single boss in World of Warcraft since C'thun was first put in the ground two years ago.

SK Gaming managed to grab themselves a load of phat loot for the achievement, obviously - a Hammer of Sanctification, Thalassian Ranger Gauntlets, Cover of Ursol the Wise, Cover of Ursoc the Mighty and Hand of the Deceiver. The proud adventurers consisted of on feral druid, three hunters, one mage, two paladins, four priests, three rogues, five shamans, four warlocks, two warriors and one girl.

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