X05 gets underway with games galore

Written by Wil Harris

October 5, 2005 | 07:50

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There is a whole bunch of Xbox 360 coverage over at Eurogamer today, with the boys being out in Amsterdam for the X05 event.

Microsoft has been talking about the Xbox's impressive 'Christmas portfolio' of titles but, despite reports to the contrary elsewhere, has not announced which titles will be specifically available on the day of the launch. However, we know that in the month of December (bearing in mind the console launches on the 2nd in Europe) you'll be able to get:
  • Project Gotham 3
  • Perfect Dark Zero
  • FIFA 2006 - Road to World Cup
  • Gears of War (Unreal Engine 3!)
Also on the list is a whole bunch of stuff we've never heard of.

Microsoft has also confirmed new titles coming to the platform next year. Included in this list is Splinter Cell 4, which will come out simultaneously on the PC; Tomb Raider: Legends as well as a brand new version of Castle Wolfenstein, which you can expect to use the Doom 3 engine and which will appear, it seems from initial reports, only on the X360.

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