Activision responds to Infinity Ward lawsuit

Written by Joe Martin

March 5, 2010 | 13:40

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Activision has given the first official comment about the lawsuit being brought against the publisher by Infinity Ward founders Jason West and Vince Zampella, who were fired recently for "insubordination".

The lawsuit alleges that contracts giving control of any post-Vietnam Call of Duty or Modern Warfare titles to Infinity Ward were being broken and that there was a deliberate plan to fire key Infinity Ward staff before royalty cheques for Modern Warfare 2 could be paid to the pair. The lawsuit seeks $36 million USD in damages, as well as the rights to the Modern Warfare moniker.

Activision alleges meanwhile that West and Zampella, who had been with Infinity Ward for nine years, were being insubordinate and talking to other publishers - namely EA. Infinity Ward itself was formed by a bunch of staff who left EA to avoid getting tied to the Medal of Honour series. The publisher has since announced new plans for the Call of Duty franchise, including new developers and genres.

Activision is disappointed that Mr. Zampella and Mr. West have chosen to file a lawsuit, and believes their claims are meritless,” a statement read.

Over eight years, Activision shareholders provided these executives with the capital they needed to start Infinity Ward, as well as the financial support, resources and creative independence that helped them flourish and achieve enormous professional success and personal wealth.

In return, Activision legitimately expected them to honour their obligations to Activision, just like any other executives who hold positions of trust in the company. While the company showed enormous patience, it firmly believes that its decision was justified based on their course of conduct and actions.

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